barbara neal evans

My name is Barbara Neal Evans, and I am the proud owner & operator of Blown Away Spray Tans. I have been involved in the beauty industry, from spas to hair salons, for going on 15 years. There is no greater feeling then helping a client look and feel their best, and always knew one day I wanted to own a business of my own! 

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, a tan has been a necessary beauty staple for my entire life. I have never laid in a tanning bed, but did enough damage to my skin with too much sunshine, and have the scars to prove it. 9 years ago I had my first spray tan, and instantly fell in love with that beautiful bronze glow it left me. However, I couldn't get over how sticky I felt, or how strong I smelled. When I discovered Norvell Spray Tanning products, I decided to revolutionize spray tanning in the Roanoke Valley by opening Blown Away Spray Tans, the original sunless tanning studio. 

I truly love everything about my business! Not only do we leave our clients feeling and looking beautiful, we educate them on the dangers that ultra-violet radiation can have on your skin.

Please come see us and let us help you glow! #SprayDon'tLay


Amanda oliver

Amanda Oliver is my right hand woman! As my business grew, I needed someone I could trust completely to help run Blown Away. Amanda started as a client, then started coming weekly, and as her love for spray tanning grew I knew she was the right girl for the job. She is an amazing office manager, Master Certified Spray Tan Technician, and DaVinci Teeth Whitening Technician. Amanda has a passion for educating our clients about the importance of practicing safe sun, as her father is currently fighting a battle with skin cancer caused from too much UV exposure.

Come see Amanda at our studio! 


emily smith 

Emily Smith has been with me since the beginning. As a past tanning bed user, she was relieved to find Blown Away as a client originally, and now, as a spray tan technician. She too has a passion for spreading awareness of the dangers of tanning beds, as she has had pre-cancerous areas removed from her skin by a dermatologist. She works as a radiology technician outside of Blown Away, and has a gift of making her clients feeling comfortable in her tent! 

Make an appointment with Emily for your next spray tan! 


isabel lemay

Our Isabel is amazing. She is a first year elementary school teacher, and is an amazing spray tan technician on evenings and weekends. She has furthered her skills in our industry and is now a Masters Technician and a DaVinci Teeth Whitening Technician. 

I used to spray tan Isabel when she was in high school, and when she started her college career at Radford University. In her college years she did a paper on me as a business owner, and the moment she picked up a spray gun, I knew she was a natural! Isabel will have you leaving our studio in a beautiful bronze glow.

Let Isabel leave you feeling and looking beautiful in our studio!



Erin Smith

Erin is our go to girl for all things website and media! She is teaching our team all things tech, and has a work ethic I admire so much! Her true passion is being behind a camera, all things photo and video. I have spray tanned Erin since the beginning of Blown Away, and she even remembers me going to her kindergarten class for a show and tell on dental hygiene (when I was a dental assistant in another lifetime). You can see her portfolio at